UPS Systems

Individual PC to Server UPS

Continuous power supply is the most critical preventive measure to not to let your hardware burn out

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Solution Design

For Home, Offices and Large Enterprises

UPS systems are essential components of infrastructure resilience, providing protection against power disruptions, data loss, equipment damage, and business interruptions. By ensuring continuous power supply to critical systems and equipment, UPS systems contribute to operational reliability, safety, and business continuity in diverse applications and environments.

Brands we deal in

  • UPS
  • Power Distribution
  • Surge Protection
  • Power Conditioning
  • Data Center Power Backup
  • Rack Power Backup
  • Desktop/Workstation
  • Colocation/Hosting
  • Critical Facility/Site
  • Small Computer Room
  • Data Center
  • Batteries
  • Inverter
  • UPS
  • Watermist

Implementation & Installation

Turnkey Projects

We provide complete installation and configuration ups system. We work in close partnerships with all major OEMs to provide power requirement analysis and appropriate solution. Note that for cabling, we always prefer network cable lay-down work to be done by electrical contractor as it is always more manageable and cost effective that way.


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