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Commercial ink-based printers are designed for high-volume printing in business and office environments. These printers use inkjet technology to produce prints and are known for their versatility, color accuracy, and the ability to handle various types of media. Ink-based printers are commonly used for producing documents, graphics, marketing materials, and other printed materials in commercial settings.

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Cartridge Based Printers

For Business Use Primarily

These are colored printers based on cartridge based technology which uses large size cartridges and extremely efficient technology to yield cost effective printing.

Ink Based Business Printer

The Canon MAXIFY series is a line of inkjet printers specifically designed for small and home office environments, emphasizing high-speed printing, cost efficiency, and productivity. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the MAXIFY series is known for its reliability in producing professional-quality prints, especially for businesses with moderate to high printing needs.

  • MAXIFY iB4170
  • MAXIFY MB5170
  • MAXIFY MB5470
Ink Based Business Printer
  • Not Available. Request price quote for any specific HP model you are looking for.

Ink Tank Printers

For High Volume Office Use

Ink tank printers, also known as continuous ink system printers or inkjet tank printers, are a type of printer that uses refillable ink tanks instead of traditional ink cartridges. These printers are designed to offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for high-volume printing.

Ink Based Business Printer

Canon has a series of ink tank commercial printers known as the "Canon MAXIFY Mega Tank Series".

  • MAXIFY GX1070
  • MAXIFY GX2070
  • MAXIFY GX3070
  • MAXIFY GX5070
  • MAXIFY GX5570
  • MAXIFY GX3072
  • MAXIFY GX6070
  • MAXIFY GX4070
  • MAXIFY GX6570
  • MAXIFY GX7070
Ink Based Business Printer
  • Not Available. Request price quote for any specific HP model you are looking for.


The models, specifications and prices keep on changing or made obsolete by the manufacturer from time to time due to continual advancement in technology. Please check and verify for latest information on manufacturer's official website.

Ink Based Business Printer

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