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Store, manage and protect your invaluable documents and media information

A content management system (CMS) manages the complete life cycle of digital content.

Broadly, a CMS can be categorized in two flavors. One is "Web Content Management System (WCM or WCMS)" and other is "Digital Asset Management Systems" or commonly called "Document Management System (DMS)". In most of the CMS systems one or other flavor is found to have dominance.

A WCM type of CMS has stronger roots to support the management of the content of web pages while Digital Asset Management Systems are more focused on managing file based contents such as documents, video files, images, etc. accompanied by indexing or metadata with clearly defined ownerships and fine grained access control rights. Organizations, primarily use DMS to store, control, revise and publish documents and automate file/folder centric business processes.

Our focus in this solution offering is on DMS where we help our clients in achieving the goal of an efficient paper less governance and operation model.

What is Document Management Software?

Document management software helps to store, access, manage, control, and track digital documents and electronic images of paper-based information that has been captured through document scanning technology, or ingested as a digital document. Document management systems can be very simple solutions to help share, manage, and organize digital files, or they can be a part of a sophisticated enterprise content management system with enhanced capabilities to support information governance, records management and more.


While a document management system (DMS) allows you to manage and control documents across your organization, an enterprise content management (ECM) system offers much broader capabilities for managing and controlling access to a variety of file types — not just documents — and may include additional capabilities including indexing, workflows, business process management, and information governance. 

Challenges of Physical Files & Folders

As a business individual or organization, management of physical files and folders and digital files generated as part of work starts becoming a behemoth task after a few years of business operations.

For smart and efficient working which leads to consistently accurate and quality deliveries, you ought to have a solution in place which can manage the lifecycle of any digital content so as to run your content specific business operations smoothly. Without a proper solution, you can face many challenges like below.

Who needs Content Management

When contents like documents and media files are stored in multiple places like on paper, computers and flash drives, email, network drives and across various online repositories and file-sharing cloud services, it creates a content disorder and inconsistency in strategic business data.

These inconsistencies and incorrect information eats into business productivity and increase security risks. If you are following above mentioned practices to store critical business content, then your are in immediate need of a modern document management system to take on that situation.


and citizens engage with each other quite frequently through government departments for passports & immigration, licensing and permit applications, service enrollments, local council issues, tax deposits and more reasons.


companies indulge in claims management in extensive numbers on a daily basis. It require a dramatic handling of unstructured content such as video and images in addition to documents as a part of claims investigation process.


and Procedure Management at quality department is backbone for safe operations in any kind of organization. Maintaining and managing multitude of these documents is an enormous challenge, and even more so when managed manually in file shares or outdated legacy content management systems.


Management require working with unstructured tasks, people inside and outside organization, data, documents, and a variety of processes, rules and policies. A powerful case management application brings together process, content and governance—that supports an integrated approach to increases productivity, strengthens compliance and improves outcomes.


handle lot of clients and cases. The diversity and complexity of work requires a trail of progress and trace of change in the case files with proper configuration control and controlled access. Preparation for the case with all the first hand information available at finger tips and checklists compliance can ease the work and change the outcome of the case.


accountants also deals with a good number of clients which requires frequent exchange of financial documents. A shared but controlled document platform can help in reducing communication over email and help in keeping the document integrity intact with access to only latest information to accountant and clients.


property managing firms requires an overwhelming number of documents and media files of wide varieties. Their scope of work requires interaction with heterogeneous agencies to generate a single document that is of great significance to their client. Streamlined process can help in organizing work in a better way.


marketing and social media handling agencies generate a lot of versions of content before reaching to final version. Sharing the drafts with client for approval over email is tedious and time consuming. A content management solution with collaboration support and workflow approval can speed up the work and keep all stake holders updated with progress.

Where It Can Be Used

A content management system can help in automating manual work done by people which are content (document and media) centric.

Store content like

Customer financial documents like Balance Sheet, Tax Returns
Case files, supporting document, proofs
Account opening forms, Identification proofs

and also about...

Quality Certifications, Safety department NOC
Patent files, Research data, Product Formulas
Political research and surveys, voter feedbacks, atmosphere

Store content like

Customer financial documents like Balance Sheet, Tax Returns
Case files, supporting document, proofs
Account opening forms, Identification proofs

and also about...

Quality Certifications, Safety department NOC
Patent files, Research data, Product Formulas
Political research and surveys, voter feedbacks, atmosphere

What Makes Our Solution Better

It delivers user-friendly content management solution that opens your content to the path of attaining superior value with the help of advanced collaboration and management tools, and yet protects it - wherever it is accessed.

The Key Capabilities

  • Document management
  • Document scanning and capture
  • Enterprise collaborations
  • Information Governance
  • Intelligence
  • Analytics
Document Digitization

Enterprise Capabilities

Store content with metadata which we call document indexing
Quickly find the exact document you're looking for
make content discovery easier by grouping files based on what they are, rather than where they are stored.
including full rollback functionality, simplifies document tracking and protects file integrity.

Key Functional Areas

Systematically indexed content storage that provides easy search and retrieval. Extended collaboration results in user efficiency and enhanced information governance resulting from automating your content lifecycle management.

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