Fire Safety

From Smoke Detectors to Fire Hydrant

The one thing that can not be ignored in any premise is Fire Safety

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Solution Design

For Home, Offices and Large Enterprises

Fire safety in buildings is critical for protecting lives, property, and communities from the devastating consequences of fire incidents. Investing in comprehensive fire safety measures, including detection, prevention, suppression, and evacuation systems, is essential for creating a safe and resilient built environment.

Available Solutions

Fire Safety

Fire Extinguisher

Available an extensive range of fire extinguishers ranging from ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers, Clean Agent based Fire Extinguishers, Carbon Dioxide Based Fire Extinguishers, Water Based Fire Extinguishers, Watermist Based Fire Extinguishers, Mechanical Foam (AFFF) Fire Extinguishers, Ceiling Mounted Modular Suppression Systems, Specialized Fire Extinguishers.
  • ABC Powder Type
  • Clean Agent Based
  • Clean Agent Based
  • CO2 Based
  • Water Based
  • Foam Based
  • Cartridge Type
  • Wet Chemical Based
  • For Home and Vehicles
Fire Safety

Fire Alarm

Alarming is an important component of fire fighting. This process involves triggering either sound or light or both upon sensing the smoke or ignition.

Role of Fire Alarm Systems have become very crucial with the inclusion of advanced technologies & sophisticated tools in the business settings. Human monitoring is not possible round the clock and sometimes hidden or deep ignition cannot be detected timely which causes the spread of fire.
  • ABC Powder Type
  • Conventional Fire Alarm System
  • Addressable Fire Alarm System
  • Uni-Wireless
  • Wireless Pro
  • Air Sampling Detectors
  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Wireless Fire Alarm Systems
  • Standalone Fire Alarms
  • Conventional Alarm System
  • Intrinsically Safe Detectors
Fire Safety

Suppression System

Fire Suppression system is designed to detect & extinguish fire automatically without any human intervention. This system is based on the principle of “Prevention is better than cure”.
  • Micro Environment Suppression System
  • Kitchen Suppression System
  • HFC 227ea Total Flooding System
  • Watermist
Fire Safety

Hydrant System

A fire hydrant system is the standalone fire fighter in any establishment. A Hydrant system is basically water distribution network backed by a number of components & accessories like fire pumps, piping system, water tank etc.
  • Watermist Hydrant System
  • Hydrant and Sprinklers
Fire Safety

Fire Suite

Ceasefire’s reliable fire entry suits add four robust layers of protection between the firefighter and the flames. Tough, heat resistant fibers such as Nomex, Kevlar and PBI Gold help firefighters move in and out of the fire without great risk.
  • Available in Cease Fire and other brands
  • Fire Proximity Suits
  • Intense Fire Proximity Suits
  • Industrial Suits
Fire Safety


Solutions to ensure safe passage through limited visibility conditions, Ceasefire’s Evacuation Solutions are put together with one aim in mind: to save lives.
  • Escape Gear
  • System for Emergency Evacuation
  • Signs & Escape Routes
  • Emergency Lighting System

Implementation & Installation

Turnkey Projects

We provide complete installation and configuration smoke sensors, gas sensors and various other kinds of detectors. e also help in designing and layout of complete fire detection sensor network  and other fire safety equipment. Note that for cabling, we always prefer network cable lay-down work to be done by electrical contractor as it is always more manageable and cost effective that way.

Some of Our Prominent Services

Smoke Detector Setup

  • Detector Installation
  • Cable Connectivity
  • Node Testing
  • Tagging and Marking

Fire Alarm Setup

  • Detector and sensor's cable sorting
  • Alarm Panel Assembly & Mounting
  • Cable Management
  • Power and Connectivity
  • Panel Configuration
  • Labeling and Documentation
  • Testing and Validation
  • Documentation and Handover

Sign Board Setup

  • Identification of Exit Zone
  • Evacuation path tracing
  • Labeling at paths and exits


  • Sensor and Detectors Configuration
  • Connectivity Testing
  • Extinguishers Installation
Fire Safety

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