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From Design to Implementation

A well-designed network can easily accommodate growth and expansion minimizing latency and maximizing throughput.

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Solution Design

For Home, Offices and Large Enterprises

Although mobile based communication has taken lead in person to person personal communication, business communication still rely at large on landline telephone based systems. Landline communication still facilitates major chunk of  conference based collaboration, sales and marketing calls. A well-designed telecommunication system enables seamless interaction among employees, partners, and customers.

Solutions We Provide

Unified Communication Solutions

Communicate Anytime, Anywhere from Any Device
  • IP at Core
  • Hot Redundancy with No Call Disconnect
  • Hot Swappable Cards
  • Multi-location Solution
  • Single Cabinet Architecture
  • IPv6 Ready
  • Radio Connectivity
  • In skin GS
  • Centralized Management
MATRIX SARVAM Offers UCS Collaboration for Legacy Telecom Architecture to give you next-generation corporate communication

Hybrid Communication Solutions

Brings Out Best of Two Technologies - IP and Analog

Matrix Hybrid Communication solution combines IP and Analog – the best of two worlds for optimum utilization of IT infrastructure, providing agility and flexibility to organizations.

With a diversified range of Hybrid IP-PBXs, meet the changing requirements of small to large enterprises.

It comprises advanced telephony features to ensure investment optimization, asset utilization, and increased staff productivity opening doors to newer applications and opportunities.

Universal Media Gateways

Universal Network Bridging Solutions
  • Hybrid Solution - VoIP Ready + PSTN
  • Universal Network Connectivity - POTS, T1/E1 PRI, GSM/4G, E&M and IP
  • 4G/VoLTE Fixed Cellular Terminal
  • Secure Communication over TLS & SRTP
  • TR-069 Auto Configuration
  • Call Details Record
  • SNMP based Network Monitoring
  • Local Station Survivability
The Universal Media Gateway acts as an interface between the traditional PBX and the modern IP network, enabling seamless communication between legacy and IP-based devices.

Fixed Media Gateway Solutions

Bridging Solutions to Break Communication Barriers

Fixed media gateways are vital components in modern telecommunications systems, facilitating the seamless integration of traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) infrastructure with IP-based communication solutions.

These gateways serve as intermediaries, converting circuit-switched voice and data signals into IP packets, enabling efficient communication and data transfer.

Equipped with advanced features like SIP support, high-density interfaces, and robust security measures, Matrix Telesol’s Fixed Media Gateways guarantee smooth, reliable, and secure voice and data transmission. This solution provides a bridge between legacy and IP networks, ensuring cost-effective, future-proof communication infrastructure.

IP & Digital Comm. Endpoints

  • HD Audio Quality
  • Mobility App for Android/iOS
  • Presence Sharing and Instant Messaging
  • DSS and BLF keys
  • One Touch Feature Access

Multi-location Communication Solutions

Communicate Anywhere Under a Single Network

Matrix Multi-location solution for modern businesses offers the flexibility to collaborate all the dispersed offices under a single network.

It offers optimum and feasible options for calling between offices and long-distance calls. The branches are connected through branch office communication systems via peer-to-peer connectivity, forming a virtual network between all systems. This connectivity provides one-touch calling access to all users for placing calls to colleagues irrespective of location. This setup helps maintain business continuity with an easily accessible contact list of all users and cost-effective communication over a secured VOIP network.

Matrix IP solution reduces telephony costs and all overhead expenses and improves staff efficiency.

Mobility Solutions

Stay Connected on the Move

The advancement of businesses along with expansion makes it difficult to collaborate for employees. Matrix Enterprise Mobility Solutions give visibility of users’ availability and increase responsiveness across geographies. It helps users stay connected with the office communications system, irrespective of the type of device and location.

It combines the benefits of IP Calling over VOIP with the convenience and proximity features of a mobile extension. Mobile workers can utilize all the features of a centrally located communication system using smartphones, tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi Phones, and other IP-based phones.

With employees and business stakeholders collaborating across networks, locations, and time, organizations can achieve their goals faster.

Product Range

Industry Based Solutions

Different kind of solutions are available for different industries which caters to the specific problems of that industry.

  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Retail Chains
  • Power Sector
  • Call Center
  • Government
  • Defense

Product Range

Solution for every need; from a small home and office to largest call centers

  • Unified Communications for Enterprises
  • Unified Communications for SME
  • IP-PBX for Small Business
  • Touch Screen IP Phone
  • Premium IP Phone
  • Executive IP Phone
  • Business IP Phone
  • UC Server & Media Gateway

Implementation & Installation

Turnkey Projects

We provide PBX installation and configuration services for any size of telecommunication project. Note that for cabling, we always prefer telephone cable lay-down work to be done by electrical contractor as it is always more manageable and cost effective that way.

Some of Our Prominent Services

Node Setup

  • RJ11 I/O box Installation
  • Cable Punching
  • Node Testing
  • Tagging and Marking

PBX Setup

  • Telephone paired cable sorting
  • Crone box setup, PBX Assembling
  • PBX Mounting & Configuration
  • Cable Management
  • Power and Connectivity
  • System Integrations
  • Labeling and Documentation
  • Testing and Validation
  • Documentation and Handover

RF / Wi-Fi WAN Setup

  • Outdoor RF / Router/Repeater Installation
  • Network Configuration
  • Integration Testing
  • Tagging and Marking

System Integration

  • IP Telephone Network Configuration
  • Connectivity Testing
  • Remote system integration
Telecommunication Solution

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