Enterprise Networking

From Design to Implementation

A well-designed network can easily accommodate growth and expansion minimizing latency and maximizing throughput.

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Solution Design

For Home, Offices and Large Enterprises

Modern businesses rely heavily on network connectivity to facilitate collaboration and communication among employees, partners, and customers. A well-designed network enables seamless communication and data sharing, fostering collaboration and innovation across the organization.

Brands we work with

Networking Solution

Cisco offers enterprise grade products and solutions across various categories, including networking, cybersecurity, collaboration, cloud, data center, and more.

We prefer going with Cisco products at sites where operations are mission critical, security is at core and performance is non negotiable.

Networking Solution

Aruba is an HP product range in premium networking solutions. It is an enterprise class product range suitable for mission critical and large deployments.

We prefer going with Aruba products at sites like retail stores, hospitals, IT companies offices, data centers and likes.

Networking Solution

DLink offers one of the most reliable and cost effective networking equipment that has made office networking from luxury to necessity. It's products are know to stand the test of time in difficult operating conditions.

When it comes to building an affordable and workable network infrastructure, DLink is unbeatable. They offer a range of products which are perfect for small to medium scale office.

Networking Solution

TP-Link is truly an innovator. They are always among the first ones to come up with products with implementation of latest specifications and technology.

We always prefer using TP-Link products in home networking as their Home Series products are real innovative and purpose built to address common issues faced in Home Networking scenarios.

They offer equally good business solutions with that edge of innovation and latest technology.

Networking Solution

Like TP-Link, Tenda also is in the same league. They also come up with very innovative products that are remarkable in operational efficiency and are purpose built to cater to common problems

We give equal preference to Tenda products with TP-Link and prefer going with both brands in Home and Small to Medium business installations.

Implementation & Installation

Turnkey Projects

We provide network installation and configuration services for any size of networking project. Note that for cabling, we always prefer network cable lay-down work to be done by electrical contractor as it is always more manageable and cost effective that way.

Some of Our Prominent Services

Node Setup

  • I/O box Installation
  • Cable Punching
  • Node Testing
  • Tagging and Marking

Network Rack Setup

  • All cable sorting
  • Rack Assembly & Mounting
  • Mounting Equipment
  • Cable Management
  • Power and Connectivity
  • Equipment Configuration
  • Labeling and Documentation
  • Testing and Validation
  • Documentation and Handover

Wi-Fi Setup

  • Router/Repeater Installation
  • Configuration
  • Integration Testing
  • Tagging and Marking

Core IT Infra Integration

  • PC/Laptop Network Configuration
  • Connectivity Testing
  • Printer Sharing & Configuration
Networking Solution

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