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Online Exam System

Helps you in establishing a Standard Evaluation System across your organization or educational institute.


A complete solution to assessment which is secure with it's controlled access environment that keeps your data private and safe. Minimal instruction required for all users. It works in all major browsers. Easily handles to thousands of simultaneous users and more. Compatible with Chrome, Microsoft Edge Kiosk Mode - lockdown browser and also with Safe Exam Browser.

Online written exams have multiple advantages of being Environmentally friendly and at the same time Saves you money and time.

World's unparalleled assessment software

From a quick quiz on your phone to large scale, high stakes, proctored desktop testing, we make it easy.

Our intuitive interface contains features like  

  • Immediate detailed results
  • Create/ Export/ Import/ Convert Questions
  • WYSIWYG/ Math-Chemistry/ Basic Text Editors
  • Question/ Item Bank
  • Multiple Question Types
  • Multiple Delivery Styles
  • Multiple Delivery Options
  • Adaptive/ Branching Questions
  • Randomly Chosen Questions
  • Print a Quiz, Survey, Test
  • Auto Marking
  • Multiple Results Options
  • Display explanations for questions
  • Easily administer users, etc.

These features rival or surpass those found in other costlier online examination/ evaluation systems.

GradeBook allows you to view/ mark/ save users quizzes and tests and view/ download detailed statistics for each quiz/ survey/ test and questions in them. Also allows entering marks for other assignments and adding weights(%) to them for a Complete Assessment Solution.

Where It Can Be Used



All kind of academic institutions can benefit by conducting tests and exams through this robust solution. It helps in maintaining consistency in evaluation of students and that too in unlimited ways.


Coaching Institutes

Coaching and training institutes can use this software to evaluate the level of students before offering them admissions. Thorough advance analysis of student's grasping potential can help in planning the right level of teaching, batch and appropriate allotment of teachers as per student's level.



It can be quite instrumental in evaluating potential candidates on right parameters as per project requirements. It can be helpful in developing in house evaluation exams or conduction employee surveys on various aspects.

Where It Can Be Used

It can be be quite resolute in areas which require interactions between customers and manufacturer or service providers.


Pre Sales

Offer live chat to your those clients who spend considerable amount of time looking and exploring products and services


Handle Pain Points

Are there pinch points in your app or sales funnel where having a real-time conversation can help people get unstuck and maintain their momentum? Consider providing live chat support only at those moments, at least initially.


Support Channels

Customers love it! Studies show that live chat is the preferred choice of many customers, and it has the highest customer satisfaction level of any support channel.

Detailed Features

It's advanced features offers end-to-end subjective and objective evaluation of candidates on targeted evaluation criteria specifically orchestrated to the requirements of your institute or organization


  • Create & Manage Users
  • Include institution ids with users and classes
  • Create & Manage Classes
  • Create & Manage Organizations
  • Passwords (encrypted) & Authentication
  • Import Users & Classes
  • Import Users & Classes
  • Bulk upload users photos
  • One-click reset all students in an organization
  • One-click remove all students in an organization
  • Instructors do not manage their Users & Classes

Question Bank

  • Complete control over your Question Bank
  • Create Question Bank Administrators to build and maintain the Bank
  • Instructors can include questions from the their Question Bank
  • Instructors can Copy/Paste questions from the Question Bank into their own Question Bank

Types of Questions

  • Multiple Choice / Answer
  • MatchXng
  • True/False and Yes/No
  • Short Answer and Paragraph
  • Branching
  • Likert Survey question of Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree

Multiple Delivery Options

  • Set the Date/Time Range for the QST to be available
  • Set the Duration of the QST
  • Set the Number of Attempts
  • Instant Results
  • Record the Highest Mark if Multiple Attempts
  • Shuffle questions for each student
  • Shuffle answers for each question
  • Deliver to All or Selected Students
  • Allow their Mark to be displayed upon completion
  • Allow their Graded QST to be displayed upon completion, includes Explanations for answers and SOURCE
  • Always On:
    - Captures the start and end times the quiz or test was taken
    - Answers are saved as they are chosen
    - Acknowledgement of completion
    - If a test is interrupted, the user does not lose their answers

Test Options

  • Randomly display X questions from a group(s) of questions
  • The entire Test can consist of randomly selected questions
  • Copy a QST to another class
  • Rename and Change the QST
  • Re-order questions in a test
  • Branch questions - next question depends on your answer, unlimited depth
  • Preview your tests before saving it
  • Shuffle answers for each question
  • Print Test and Answer Sheet
  • Export the questions in a test
  • Create folders to organize your tests

Question Options

  • Alter the source code of your questions to create stunning and visually appealing tests.
  • Create Math/Chemistry equation questions and answers, supports mhchem in MathJax
  • Provide an Explanation for why the answer to the question is correct
  • Change a question
  • Change a question and save as a new question
  • Assign marks for a question
  • Preview your question before saving it
  • Create folders to organize your questions
  • Copy/Paste questions into other folders
  • See the type, value and description of each question when viewing your questions in your folders
  • Export/Import questions
  • Share your questions with other users
  • Unlimited questions

Taker Features

  • Remaining time is continuously displayed
  • Users are notified of remaining in allotted time
  • Users can quickly see high value questions and which questions they have skipped
  • User can easily jump to different questions
  • Users can uncheck questions they would like to review before submission


  • View the number of submissions for a QST
  • View the total number of correct, incorrect, no answers and partial answers in a QST
  • View the number of correct, incorrect, no answers and partial answers for a question in a quiz/test
  • View who answered the questions correct, incorrect, no answer or partial answer
  • View how many users attempted a question
  • View the question in the side panel
  • View how many times each answer was chosen
  • View detailed survey results
  • Download the very informative QST Details as comma separated variable .csv
  • Survey results are anonymous


  • View a students quiz/test while it is being taken
  • Allow a student to Retake a QST
  • Add additional Time to a users QST
  • Allow a user to Resume/re-log in to a QST they are taking
  • Submit a students QST if they forgot
  • View/Mark a students quiz/test once completed -
  • Create Assignments in Gradebook to add in to their total mark
  • Assign weights(%) to quizzes, tests and assignments
  • Add Bonus marks for quizzes and tests
  • Develop Total Marks for students
  • View individual students quizzes and tests
  • View statistics on exam
  • Download your GradeBook

Auto Marking

  • True/False
  • Yes/No
  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Answer
  • MatchXng

Online Exam System

Your own Online Exam System gives that Personalized Touch to the evaluation system which assorts your institute or organization from others. It can help you in choosing right candidates for you organization or help in setting right path of learning for students according to their potential.

Online Exam System

Your own Online Exam System gives that Personalized Touch to the evaluation system which assorts your institute or organization from others. It can help you in choosing right candidates for you organization or help in setting right path of learning for students according to their potential.

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