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We hold expertise in unifying Business Operations with TECHNOLOGY. Technology can be a Hardware Platform or a Software Suite.

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We help our clients in selecting, implementing and sustaining technology model that is cost effective, efficient and workable!
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Analyzing Hardware Need

Whether you are opening a small office or upgrading to become more productive, we analyze and suggest right computing hardware for you. It can be refurbished or top-of-line hardware, we suggest the most economical yet most reliable and durable solution for you keeping your budget at forefront of our analysis.
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We are channel partner with industry leaders in core computer hardware manufacturing like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus. We can get you genuine products with right warranty and support line. Our portfolio includes from regular computers and laptops to their top of the line segment models that are designed for professional and enterprise usage.
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Installation Services

You may have already procured systems and are short of hands to install it; you may have shifted and want to get your existing computing systems installed at new place; or you want complete reset of your computers to make them fresh as they arrived first time from manufacturer to your hands; Not to Worry! We help you in that too!
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We have in-house repair center where our team of experts troubleshoot and fix basic to complex hardware issues of Laptops, Desktop, Servers, Printers. We have genuine as well as compatible spare parts and use them to fix the problems with consensus of customers as to which type of parts to go with.
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Well, of-course too old hardware is not worth upgrading, but 4 to 5 year old computers and laptops can certainly be upgraded and tuned to improve the overall performance considerably. Quite often this increase in performance is way more than sufficient to satisfy your working needs and achieve optimal productivity. It helps you save money that you would spend in buying a new hardware and which you can spend in more important things.

Enterprise Software

Support and Maintenance

Getting your computers proactively cleaned once a year
from inside can increase the lifespan considerably!
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Website Solutions

One of the most unique offering from us. We have one of the largest collection of ready made or pre-built websites

Ready-made websites are the websites which are or pre-built and set in layout and dummy content. Each of these website is designed by keeping the respective industry in mind for which it is envisaged.

You need to select the one that best suites to your business and order it. Then we need content and media for page(s) from you to be put on website. We fine tune content from SEO perspective and customize colors of the chosen website to suit your brand guidelines.

Each website must be accompanied by a domain name and hosting. You can buy a new domain from us, transfer your domain to us or use your existing domain to point to our hosting server. We host our websites on our servers only.

This is a subscription based model.

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