Industrial Training (IT)

This industrial training program is for those students who have industrial training as part of their academic curriculum. Generally students are also required to submit a Live Project (in general, called "Major Project") to showcase their practical knowledge. This project submission has marks attached to it which ultimately affects final grades of a student's degree. This requirment is generally in the 3rd and final year of graduation or post graduation.

We offer this Industrial Training Program in combination with the Major Project that students are required to submit in the field of IT and Software Development. The student or a group of student work on a short exclusive project to demonstrate their capability to build solution. The technology that they use to build IT project may or may not be part of their academic curriculum. It can be altogether new technology or based on a product to build solutions. For example, website build on a framework like Joomla, Wordpress or a capability demonstration POC based on opensource ERP or Document Management Solution.

Program Highlights

  •  Brief precept on the technology on which project would be build
  •  Focus on practical usage of technology to build solution
  •  Help student to do research to find problem to their solution
  •  Live and Working Project
  •  Certificate of Project on completion
  •  Letter of Industrial Training on completion


20 Days of Training cum Project Development
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