Support Ticket System

Support Ticket System Post sales support is what which decides the success of any organization. In recent times when internet has shaped itself as necessity from being regarded as luxury a few years ago, people have started expecting organizations to provide online support as an indispensable package along with their products and services.

People expect organizations to provide a robust, user friendly and effective online system to raise inquiries, complements and complaints. They find it quite convenient for themselves to have a history of their communication on any matter with organization at one place. This not only establishes the credibility of organization but also acts as a solid medium to generate quantifiable strategic support performance data which organization uses to improve their services and customer experience.

What Our Solution Offers

Customized Data Collection

  •  Customize the data collected from users
  •  Custom lists of data to add to each ticket
  •  Custom Fields/Forms/Lists for help tickets
  •  Configured as best suits your business needs

Ticket Filters

  •  Rules to route tickets to the right members
  •  Automate the creation and routing of tickets
  •  Set actions such as ticket rejection
  •  Send a canned response!

Collision Avoidance & Auto-Responder

  •  Ticket locking to avoid conflicting or dual responses
  •  Set the amount of time the lock remains on a ticket.
  •  Configurable automatic reply on a new ticket
  •  Customized and dynamic auto responses

Internal Notes & SLA

  •  Add internal notes to tickets for staff
  •  Logs show events or actions taken on tickets
  •  SLA Plans allow you to track tickets
  •  Get alerts and notices on missed due dates

Rich Text HTML

  •  Rich text markup in staff replies and internal notes
  •  Auto-Response templates also contain the rich text
  •  Brand your help desk by adding your logo
  •  Pictures as well as video can be added

Help Topics

  •  Configurable help topics for web tickets
  •  Route inquiries without exposing internal departments
  •  Defined priorities which is transparent to users
  •  Customized forms for specific help topics

Assign and Transfer

  •  Transfer tickets between departments
  •  Assign tickets to a staff or to a team
  •  Re-assign tickets to different staff or a team
  •  Transfers & assignment notes logged as internal notes

Customer Portal & Reports

  •  All support requests and responses are archived online
  •  User can login using email and ticket ID
  •  Reports provide at a glance view at the performance
  •  Download and export ticket detail
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