CRM Solution

Customer Relationship Management Aggregated customer information in one place gives businesses easy access to critical business data like contact data, purchase history and any previous contact with customer service representatives. This data helps support personals when they interact with clients on some requests. It also helps marketing team in anticipating customer needs and plan marketing and sales campaign and track performance goals.

So basically, the goal of our CRM Software is to make a systematic recording of customer engagements at various levels and make interactions more efficient and productive. Various automation like automated mails, custom workflows can help streamline your business processes and help in making your marketing strategies more effective and accurate.

What Our Solution Offers

Contact Management

  •  Store customer info, notes, emails & exchanged calls
  •  Send an email in a single click to contact
  •  Know when to act with idle contact with notifications
  •  Create follow up tasks & calendar events for meetings


  •  Book appointments within team in a single step
  •  Productive meetings with pre-scheduling questionnaires
  •  Automatic pre-meeting reminder emails to attendees
  •  Automatically creates a contact record if doesn’t exist


  •  Create rules that automate repetitive important tasks
  •  Create leads and contacts from form submissions
  •  Automatic follow up reminders after sales calls
  •  Automatically attach emails to the sender’s record

Sales Insight

  •  Analysis with pre-built pipeline, team, and activity analytics
  •  Visualize the health of your sales pipeline
  •  Slice and dice chart data with related tables
  •  Pre-built charts & tables visualize your sales health


  •  @mention co-workers to collaborate
  •  Take over, reassign any task, contact, or opportunity
  •  See real-time notifications whenever you’re mentioned
  •  Click through the alert to open the record you were @mentioned in

Docs & Files

  •  Store & search your sales & marketing documents
  •  Share documents in a click from the email composer
  •  Collaborate privately with contacts on sensitive files
  •  See real-time, page-level document engagement metrics

Deal Management

  •  Visualize opportunities on dashboard in real time
  •  Alerts if an opportunity stays in one stage for too long
  •  Create opportunity linked tasks and calendar event
  •  Add detail with attached docs or comments


  •  Forecast revenue, periods, months or years out
  •  Forecast revenue based on different scenarios
  •  Set private forecast amounts on opportunities
  •  Export forecasts to CSV files for sharing or analysis

Email Marketing

  •  Effortlessly build beautiful emails using designer
  •  Increase engagement with targeted recipient lists
  •  Improve future campaigns with email analytics
  •  Automate follow-up emails with autoresponders


  •  Build reports from any data
  •  Create and pin real-time charts to the dashboard
  •  Export reports and charts to CSV files
  •  Schedule periodic emailed reports

Calendar & Tasks

  •  Create record-linked tasks and events
  •  Pop-up notifications on screen and mobile
  •  Automatically create follow-up tasks
  •  Integrate with Google, Outlook, and other calendars
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