Business Process Automation

Business Process AutomationA business process is a collection of related, structured activities or works that when executed in a specific sequence produces a service or product to achieve a business goal.

Even a simple loan request application that a loan processing officer receives at his/her desk in physical form and his processing of the application to either approve or disapprove at his level or forwarding it to the higher authorities for further processing is also a business process. Of-course, it is a manual process. The automation of this process can do automatic assignment of loan applications to officers and drive the case through a series of approval steps with different authorities over a workflow to get the final outcome.

In a nutshell, Business Process Automation (BPA) is the technology-enabled automation of business processes (or in simple terms, any manually done work in an organization) that accomplish a specific or collective objective with the means of software or hardware or both together.

The questions to ask to yourself are; if you still keep your data in Spreadsheets? Still moving physical files from one table to another for approvals? Still assigning tasks to your employees on emails or over telephone? Still your departments not connected with each other for smoother flow of information? Facing lack of credible data to take strategic business decisions.

Well, if you answered "Yes" to some of the above questions, then it is high time for you to reforge your existing style of doing business and you need to drive your organization towards automation. Don't worry, we can help you take a time leap forward in right direction by analyzing, defining, optimizing and automating your entire range of organization processes!

How It Helps You

Streamline Communication

Automated processes minimize ad-hocness in work & enables task execution in a well thought pre-defined channalized fashion causing no straggle.

Enforce Accountability

Establishes the ownership of individuals for their respective work and enforces accountability on all stakeholders in the chain.

Administration Hierarchy

Pre-defined schedule of task delegation and escalation matrix establishes discipline and cognizance for individual's role in the deliveries.

Progress Tracking

Intelligent & targetted monitoring of work progress helps managers to take proactive informed decisions to meed deadlines and ensure quality deliveries.

Time Saving

Automation reduces manual intervention. Allows quicker movment of cases from one person to next & automates decision making whereever possible.

Visibility & Governance

The data collected during the lifecycle of processes helps in continuous improvment of processes itself & in the refinement of business strategies.

What Our Solution Offers

Process Automation

We empathize the work done manually in office & use our expertize to automate the processes with tailor-made integrated software & hardware solutions.

Case Management

Instead of trying to dictate what should happen from start to finish, it give the end user the flexibility to decide in exception situations what should happen at runtime.

Powerful Admin

A Powerful Admin Application that gives complete control over system configuration and access control and offers statistical information in dynamic charts.

Process Optimization

Optimize common business resource planning use cases (e.g. vehicle routing, employee rostering, task assignment, job scheduling, etc.).

Task Lists

Individual inboxes carrying all the work items to be done by business users with all details. Either the system assigns tasks or users claim task from task pool.

History & Reports

Get entire history of processes anytime to drill down exact chain of actions taken to complete a work. Custom reports can help management take strategic decisions.
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