Seqrite Enterprise Security Solutions

Seqrite is Quick Heal's Enterprise Security brand defined by innovation and simplicity. Our solutions are a combination of intelligence, analysis of applications and state-of-the-art technology, and are designed to provide better protection for our enterprise customers.

End Point Security (EPS)

Seqrite Endpoint Security is a simple and comprehensive platform which integrates innovative technologies like Anti Ransomware, Advanced DNA Scan, and Behavioral Detection System to protect your network from today’s advanced threats. It offers a wide range of advanced features like Advanced Device Control, DLP, Vulnerability Scan, Patch Management, Web Filtering, Asset Management, etc. under a single platform to enable organizations to ensure complete security and enforce control.

  •  Endpoint Security SME
  •  Endpoint Security Business
  •  Endpoint Security Total
  •  Endpoint Security Enterprise Suite

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Seqrite Encryption Manager

Seqrite Encryption solution protects corporate data residing on endpoints with a strong encryption algorithms such as AES, RC6, SERPENT and TWOFISH. Full disk encryption supports Microsoft Windows Desktops and Laptops and prevents data loss occurring from loss/theft of endpoint. Removable Media Encryption encrypts entire contents on removable devices such as Pen Drives, USB Drives and makes it accessible to only authorized users.

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Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud

Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud is a simple and comprehensive platform that lets you manage the security for multiple endpoints remotely from anywhere. Whether you’re on the move, at work or at home, Seqrite EPS Cloud ensures complete security with easy manageability.

There are following products available:

  •  Standard
  •  Advanced
  •  Premium

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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management allows enterprises to grant their employees the privilege of mobile productivity without boundaries. With the ability to secure the mobile workspace, MDM is a precursor for all enterprises.

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Cloud Security

Seqrite Cloud is an integrated solution that allows the management and regulation of multiple Endpoint Security and UTM products deployed at different geographical locations. IT administrators from any location can easily connect to the cloud to view the latest security status, configure product policies, receive notifications and rectify critical network events from one single dashboard. It also facilitates policy configuration, backup and more on the cloud for Seqrite products.

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