In any new commercial construction where mission critical activities and business operations are supposed to be carried out, networking layouting well in advance is an indispensable To Do item. Networking is the backbone of any IT infrastructure. Without it nothing can work in IT. It is critical to carry out a well planned and standardized installation of networking infrastructure for trouble free and consistent business operations.

Product Range

  •  Dlink
  •  Cisco
  •  Tenda
  •  TP-Link
  •  Ubiquity
  •  Network Switches & Patch Panel
  •  Industrial Switching Solutions
  •  Structured Networking Cables
  •  Fibre Optic Cables & Devices
  •  Network Enclosures

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Our Services

  •  Understand the networking requirements
  •  Analyze the network load and propose products
  •  Network designing and layouting
  •  Solution installation and integration
  •  Annual maintenance and support

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